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EnglishArt » Подкасты на английском языке (english podcast) » Подкаст на английском — Female seeks Male

Подкаст на английском — Female seeks Male

Julia was 12 years old. Her best friend Betsy was 13. Summer was almost over. School was about to start. Julia and Betsy were about to eat lunch at TacoBell. Betsy decided that Julia needed a boyfriend.

«But why?» asked Julia. «I’m okay without one. What good is a 12-year-old boy? All they’re interested in is playing baseball or riding their skateboards. Where does a girl fit into that picture

«Don’t be silly,» replied Betsy. «As to 12-year olds, forget about them. They’re immature. You should have someone more experienced— you’ll be better off with someone at least 13 years old. Someone who will carry your books and walk you to your classes. You need someone who’ll give you a Valentine’s Day card and remember your birthday.

«I’ve got a backpack to carry my books, and I know where all my classes are. I don’t want a Valentine’s Day card from someone I don’t love. I’m too young. Besides, you don’t have a boyfriend. Why should I?»

«Because you’re my first client. I’ve decided that I’m going to be a matchmaker when I grow up.»

«Well, if I’m your first client, that means I’ll probably be your first mistake. No, thank you.»


about to almost ready to do something
fit into that picture fit in, make sense
as to with regard to, according to
immature not mature, childish
more experienced mature, knowledgeable
better off better, in a better situation
Valentine’s Day romantic holiday on February 14th
besides also, in contrast to
client customer
matchmaker a person who tries to match people romantically
probably likely

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